About us

DP Zaliv PT DOO is a company dealing with domestic and international transport, as well as traffic of goods, since it`s founding in 1997. With 200 employees it is now one of the leading companies in transport.

For maintaining the quality of services of transport the company owns a service of vehicle screening and a modern service able of providing services to third party with the possibility of going out on call.
The size, variety, modern characteristics and good organizing of our vehicle stock and services give full confidence to our regular and new clients.
Our goal is to give our clients a quick, quality and reliable transport of goods to their destination.

Ask a question

If you have any question related to our work and services you may contact us by phone.

tel: +381 (0)25 731 808; 731 311;
fax: +381 (0)25 730 003

Business documentation

Take documents related to our business here, as well as documents necessary for our cooperation.