Technical check-up

Technical check –up DP ZALIV D.O.O. with the seat in Crvenka, founded in 2009,with the prevailing activities in technical check – up, examining and analyses of all vehicles.
We provide services of registration,going to MUP,transfer of ownership,checking out vehicles,making purchase contracts for vehicles.

From the beginning of our business we have tried to provide :

  • High quality of services of technical check – out and insurance
  • Protected insured clients
  • Safe,solvent and stabile business
  • Professionalism and competence at work
  • The principle of constant investing in business

Thanks to such a business policy we have managed to survive and still grow, in a very competitive environment.

Technical check – out

Technical checking out is a very important factor in the traffic safety. Just technically checked vehicle can guarantee it`s safe use , which is the basic condition for the registration of the vehicle. Technical check – out has the option of checking all kinds of vehicles. The check is made with the latest equipment. This is confirmed by the large number of vehicles that we check – out.
Technical check – outs can be regular, emergency and control.
By the Law of the traffic safety it is necessary to always have in the vehicle :

  • rope, cable or bar for pulling
  • glowing west
  • set of spare lights
  • first aid kit
  • safety triangle
  • spare wheel
  • winter tyres on wheels ( from 15th  December to 15th  April ), as well as summer
    (from 15th April to 15th December)

Vehicle registration

Our employees will do everything to make the procedure of registration go without problems and in the shortest possible period, making it possible that fast and efficient everything can be done  by coming to one place, finish all that  is needed for vehicle registration.

We have provided to our faithful clients next options of payments of  the complete registration :

  • in cash
  • citizen`s cheques in several monthly payments
  • paying on accounts by legal entities

Vehicle insurance

In our company you can make a contract about automobile liability insurance.

Automobile liability insurance

Taking into account that it is obligation by law to have this, during registration of the vehicle one of the necessary documents is the policy of   automobile liability insurance.

It is made for the period of one year. It ensures the owner or user of the vehicle from the responsibility if it does damage to the third party in traffic ( except for the driver, co-owner, user or a person involved in the theft of the car which damage is done by ).

By the policy of  automobile liability insurance the damage on your own car is not covered. This kind of damage is covered by risk insurance.

Green card

Green card as the receipt of automobile liability insurance provides you with insuring protection for possible material and non – material damage, which you can cause to third party in traffic accident.


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