We provide with services of transporting commercial,bulk, grain,liquid and goods under the temperature regime,in domestic as well as international transport.

A large number of our vehicle stock are 50 refrigerator trucks standard of EURO 5, mostly engaged in food transportation (fruit,vegetables,meat,meat products and dairy products ) and other commercial goods under the regime, with maintaining and documenting temperature during transport. Each vehicle has 33 euro palettes for replacement.

We would single out 24 refrigerator trailers for transportation of goods under combined regime.

Each vehicle has got built-in GPS system for satellite tracking so that the client can know the whereabouts of the vehicle and the cargo at any time.
As we provide services according to European standards we also own certificates ISO 9001 and HACCP , as well as CMR insurance policies for all the vehicles.

Contact phones:
+381 (0)25-731-311
+381 (0)25-731-808
+381 (0)24/4150-388
+381 (0)21/426-903